Particle Physics

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M. Theory

 A theory of elementary particles incorporating relativity and quantum mechanics in which the particles are viewed not as  points but is  extended objects.String is  a posible framework for constructing unified theories which include both the microscopic forces and gravity.

The problem with string theory is that the string are fantastically smaller than atoms and, therefore impossible to detect in any conceivable laboratory experiment.

Superstring theory that all particles and forces are manifestations of different resonances of tiny dimensional string (or possibly membranes) vibrating in ten dimentions.

Quantum mechanics predicts that  matters has a fundamental wave nature, but question has always been.¨A wave formed in what?¨.

The quantum by its very definitions, is a somewhat undefined thing.This scientific concept is entangled with the general notions of probability uncertainty,indeterminacy-blurring attributes like that.In this sense the photon today is an enigma.

Changing light into electrons and  then into gravity is one of the rather astonishing tricks performed by supersymmetry,which is the symmetry which can  exchange particles with half-integral spin like electrons and quarks, with particles of integral spin, like photons, graviton, and w-particles.

In supersymmetry,a fermion can be changed into a boson and back into a fermion through a series of space time  transformations.

What is mass-how do particles get heavy?